The Card People Part 2: Identity Swap
Identity Swap: The Card People 2
The Card People Part 2: Identity Swap
Previously in The Card People series . . . Soon after the disappearance of Samir Kapadia, a computer genius, his son Paul found a deck of cards. Thanks to Samir’s most astounding creation, a life-giving nanodust, the cards could move and speak. These card people were kind and resourceful, but a terrifying enemy, in the shape of flying scissors, threatened their destruction. Paul and his brother Sam turned for help to David Westfield, Samir's former associate. But after meeting with the kids, Westfield betrayed them. He was the brain behind the scissors people, and soon with his own evil nanodust, he would create even deadlier weapons. As part 1 ended, Paul devised a daring new idea to stop Westfield. Find out what it is in Part 2, IDENTITY SWAP. This novel is for ages nine and up, and is the second in a trilogy.

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  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Series
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Identity Swap, the second book in The Card People series, starts with a good summary of the first book. The mystery to find out what happened to a disappearing father and the nanodust he created has turned into a national security issue. The CIA, military, and police are now involved. Everyone wants custody of the card people to suit their own agenda and figure out exactly what they are.

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