Camp Utopia: & The Forgiveness Diet
Sixteen-year-old Baltimore teen Bethany Stern knows the only way out of spending her summer at Camp Utopia, a fat camp in Northern California, is weight-loss. Desperate, she tries The Forgiveness Diet, the latest fad whose infomercial promises that all she has to do is forgive her deadbeat dad, her scandalous sister, and the teenage magician next door and (unrequited) love of her life. But when the diet fails and her camp nemesis delivers the ultimate blow, Bee bids sayonara to Camp-not-Utopian-at-all to begin what she believes will be her “real” summer adventure, only to learn that running away isn’t as easy—or as healing—as it seems.   Her wry and honest voice bring humor and poignancy for anyone, fat or thin, tired of hearing “you’d be so pretty if…[insert unwelcome judgment about your appearance from loved one or perfect stranger].”

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction
  • Humor
  • Literary Collection

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Bethany is forced to go to a fat camp called Camp Utopia. She does have a bit more flesh on her bones but fat camp? Only to make things worse, her best friend TJ is auditioning for American Envy, a talent show. How will Beth ever make it through this summer? Bethany knows that the only way to get out of fat camp is weight loss, so she tries out the Forgiveness Diet. At first, it seemed simple enough in the infomercial. But soon, her arch-nemesis delivers the final blow and Bethany decides to run away and start her real summer adventure.

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