Busy Dizzy (Inspirational bedtime story for kids ages 4-8)
Busy Dizzy: (Inspirational bedtime story for kids ages 4-8)
Busy Dizzy (Inspirational bedtime story for kids ages 4-8)
Dr. Orly Katz
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By Daisy S- HALL OF FAME - TOP 10 REVIEW - ERVINE VOICE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"This is one of the BEST children's book I have ever read. It teaches quite the lesson in how to get rid of the DIZZY'S (negative thoughts). The pictures are colorful, easy to see even in a smaller Kindle! Parents this book is one that you will enjoy reading to your children and even enjoy it yourself. For me, it touched my heart and I really loved reading this book!Highly recommend this book! " A motivational bedtime picture story for children ages 4-8"...Then suddenly David thinks he can hear, A strange little voice whisper into his ear: "It's me Bizzzzzzzy Dizzzzzzy!" that voice says to him "Don't run the race. There's no way you'll win!" So David decides that today he won't run, He watches his friends. And he misses the fun..." This motivational bedtime rhyming picture book for kids ages 4-8, tells the tale of Miss Young's class and their unexpected visitors: Busy Dizzies. Or, in other words, the strange little negative voice that sometimes comes near and whispers into your ear... A fun to read children's rhyming picture book that is suitable as a read aloud book for kindergarten and preschoolers or as a self-read book for beginning and early readers. "A must for all children and parents, preschool teachers, therapists and coaches ..."Don't forget to scroll back up and grab your own copy of this beautiful picture book while the price is still low.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 5 - 8
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The book Busy Dizzy is a very simple children’s book. It has a lesson to teach in the form of well-written, little rhymes. The book is told by a narrator, telling you about a school house and the little internal conflicts of the children in it. The teacher, Miss Young, is very creative in how she helps them use their imagination to deal with their conflicts. This book also has activities to share with your child at the back of the book that relate to the story.

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