Bullies and Peeps
Bullies and Peeps
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Meg is a bit of a misfit at school. She prefers nature to people. One day, her only friend joins a popular girl group led by Hannah, the most popular girl in the class. 
Meg finds a welcome distraction—a goose sitting on a nest of eggs in the school courtyard. Hannah and her girl group bully Meg as she watches and waits for goslings. No one is prepared for what happens after the eggs hatch.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Bullies and Peeps by J.D. Suhre is a book about a girl named Meg who is bullied at school.  Hannah, the bully, is a popular girl who gets enjoyment out of seeing others struggle.  Meg prefers nature to people and sees a nest of eggs with a goose perched on top while looking out of the classroom window.  She learns about geese, and when the eggs eventually hatch, a surprise is welcomed into the classroom.  Will the bullying stop, or will Meg join forces with nature?  Maybe both!

Hannah is the most popular girl in the fifth grade class. She has three friends, and they think they are the only cool kids at school. Meg is like the opposite of Hannah because she has one friend, and she is not popular. Meg has messy hair and wrinkled clothes making it easy for her to be bullied. Hannah tricks Meg’s only friend to join her group. Hannah bullies Meg and calls her "goose girl".  Meg doesn’t say anything because she thinks everyone would take Hannah’s side. Will Meg and Hannah sort out this conflict before it gets worse?

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