Born Different
Born Different
Born Different
Urban gritty inspirational story of breaking free from the chains that bind us all. Self harm or Love? Addiction or Recovery? Gabe is not a hero, he is damned to be different in a world where everyone seems to want to be the same. His friends are damned too, to lives unpredictable,though a life of crime,sex and drugs is calling. But Gabe has dreams of better things, and a secret that is so shameful it is killing him. Born Different is inspirational for young adults that wouldn't read inspirational books. Facing head on at full speed, depression, addiction, and all other issues that adults, old or young, face; self harm, alcoholism, suicide. Born different questions authority, society, morality and the universe All wrapped up in a modern urban fairytale like love story that takes you to the edge and back again. You might like it, it might just open your mind, it might just help you realise what you have to change.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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This book is about Gabe, an artistic young man who is getting ready to graduate from school. Gabe may seem like a normal teenager on the outside, but in reality he is very different. Gabe was born with wings, but he views this as a deformity. The genre of this book is fantasy, but is very easy to relate to.The main theme of the book has to do with Gabe and learning to view his deformity as a gift.

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