The Beast of Macon Hollow
The Beast of Macon Hollow
The Beast of Macon Hollow
Fate brought Will Shepard to Macon Hollow, an isolated mountain town where time has stood still for decades. And it is there, in the town of his ancestors, that he is drawn into a centuries-old struggle with a legendary creature known as the Beast. From his first night in the small town, Will begins to have visions…visions that allow him to see-and feel-as the creature. He watches, horrified, as the Beast embodies its victims’ greatest fears and then feeds on their very souls. He feels its hunger, its rage, its evil with every feeding…and must fight to prevent his own soul from being corrupted. Will soon realizes that, with each victim, the Beast is growing more powerful, preparing itself to begin a worldwide apocalypse. Armed with help from his sister, two new friends, and a kindly mentor, Will must find why he is connected to the creature and stop it before it destroys the world. But it won’t be easy. A powerful family has profited from the Beast for centuries…and its last heir will do everything within his power to protect it. A secret worldwide society has been watching for the Beast’s appearance …and will stop at nothing to harness the creature for its own evil agenda. Mysterious catacombs… wandering spirits…fearsome zombies…maniacal enemies…and the Beast! These are just some of the challenges Will must face to find the answers. Ultimately, he will discover that he must look to Macon Hollow’s sordid past for the keys to protect its future…before it’s too late!

Book Details


  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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