The Beast
Beast, The
The Beast
Walter Dean Myers
One of today's premier novelists brings his fiction back to Scholastic Press with a powerful and haunting love story.17-yr-old Anthony "Spoon" Witherspoon is returning to Harlem after seven months at an exclusive prep school. It's with mixed feelings that he's left New York City in the first place to finish high school in the hallowed halls of the mostly white, very preppy New England school -- but now that Spoon is back home, he realizes how much he's come to like his prep-school life and new friends. He's missed his girlfriend, though, and is shocked to discover upon his return that the bright young poet she was when he left has become a drug addict.

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  • Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Anthony Witherspoon, whom everybody calls Spoon, lives in Harlem, NY. When he goes off to the Academy, things change between him and his girlfriend, Gabi. He meets a girl named Chanelle who wants to be more than just friends. Then Gabi starts using drugs and Spoon has to help Gabi through. During that time, he starts to consider whether he and Gabi are still "meant for each other". He also has to figure out all the changes in his life and make some adjustments.

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The Beast is about a boy from Harlem (New York City) named Anthony, and nicknamed Spoon. Spoon leaves home to go to high school at an academy in Connecticut for his senior year. When he returns to Harlem he finds that a lot of things about his life have changed. His girlfriend is using drugs, and his best friend has dropped out of school. This book depicts Spoon trying to get his life back into perspective and help his girlfriend quit drugs.

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