Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive! Surviving Junior High Vol. 2
Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive! Surviving Junior High: A self help guide for teens, parents & teachers
Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive! Surviving Junior High Vol. 2
Dr. Orly Katz
Surviving junior high! - How to succeed in everything that that you want and could wish for…It happened at a party. You saw her standing over there, smiling at you, flirting with her eyes and waiting for you to go up to her.And you just stood there, as if you were glued to the ground, you were frozen to the spot frantically imagining all sorts of scenarios, so much so that nothing good could possibly happen. You were just about to make the biggest fool of yourself ever…and…you really don’t want to know what happened next…There are no two ways about it - the ways to become cool and popular are already inside of you! You already have the inner strength to help you get there and this book will show you how to use it!In this self help book you’ll learn:•How to think positively!•How to believe in your selves!•How to succeed at school and with others, in everything that that you want and could wish for…Let me share the secret with you – of how to become attractive no matter what you look like, how to attract to yourself the reality that you really want!!!This teenager self help book, the second in the popular series, (the books can be read in any sequence) includes:•True life stories about growing up! •Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!•Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires•A personal journal All of which will help you discover how to be positive, think positive and feel positive and most importantly how to be “simply me” and to survive Junior high school!Scroll up and grab your book today!

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  • 12 and up
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Surviving Junior High Vol. 2 is a great book for any child aged 10+ who needs a boost in self-esteem. It focuses on school, and how to think positively. The format of the book is light and effective, with true stories on trials and tribulations the author went through in her teenage years. As well as the stories, which are told in a humourous way, the book includes sections on how to overcome pessimism and radiate happiness. There are lots of cartoon illustrations to add to the happy tone, as well as quizzes and a personal journal to fill in about your journey to optimism.

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