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Anna and the Food Forest
Anna and the Food Forest (Anna's Angels)
Anna and the Food Forest
The third book in the series, Anna and the Food Forest, finds Anna determined to grow a garden. But when a field trip to a sister school reveals that some kids in Anna's city don't have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, Anna turns her determination into action. As with the first books in the series, Anna and the Earth Angel and Anna and the Tree Fort, every print copy sold plants a tree. Thank you for helping Anna to grow a forest!

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  • Environment
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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The book Anna and the Food Forest is a story centered around a girl named Anna who enjoys gardening. She begins the story as an amateur gardener who hardly understands the requirements to grow a strawberry plant.  Unexpectedly, her classmates look to her for help when planting a garden at a sister school.  Weirdly, the garden plan takes off like an airplane on runway, and many volunteers rush in to help. 

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