Amos Daragon
Amos Daragon #1: The Mask Wearer
Amos Daragon
Y. Maudet, Bryan Perro
Amazon Best Books of the Month, February 2011: Melding the best of mythology and fairytale, Amos Daragon #1: The Mask Wearer is the first book in a fast-paced adventure series for middle grade readers. Amos is a hero straight out of the Brothers Grimm--loyal, trustworthy, and very clever--outsmarting villains with their own nefarious schemes. In this classic story of good versus evil, Amos has been chosen as a Mask Wearer, tasked with combating forces of evil using the power embedded in four lost masks. Encountering gorgons, mermaids, nagas, and the Egyptian god Seth, Amos proves he is a fierce opponent and a steadfast friend. A satisfying conclusion sets the tone for the next book, and the mythology glossary at the end is an added bonus.--Seira Wilson A Letter from Author Bryan Perro As a young boy, I had a passion for comic books, especially the French Pif Gadget and Rahan. At fourteen, I discovered my first book, The Devil’s Triangle by American writer Richard Winer. The book was about the Bermuda Triangle; I loved how it dealt with the supernatural and how unexplained forces exert power over the boats, aircrafts, and people who dare to venture in this eerie part of the Atlantic Ocean. This real-life mystery and Winer’s way with words fueled my imagination. During my college years, I developed a deep interest in anthropology and the myths that exist throughout the world. I have around 350 books in my home--all myths and legends from places near and far. The fantastical creatures that populate these amazing stories, along with the hero in each of them, inspired me to create Amos Daragon, the series. When I was looking for a magical item that Amos Daragon would need to find on his quest, I was surprised to learn that the first such item in the history of mankind is not the magic wand, but the mask. When the aborigines, the first men, danced around their campfires, they personified animals. How did they do this? They wore masks! If, for example, they put on the mask of the eagle, their vision grew more piercing. This enhanced power allowed them to be a better hunter. So I wanted Amos to be in pursuit of mankind’s first magical item, the mask. Four of them, in fact! And since I wanted to write an extended series, I decided that stones would empower the masks. Not only did this allow Amos to harness his abilities as Mask Wearer slowly, it gave me the opportunity to explore all sorts of adventures for my young hero. It’s been an incredible journey for him and for me--one that I hope boys and girls will join as they begin Amos Daragon #1: The Mask Wearer.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Amos Daragon: The Mask Wearer is a book about Amos Daragon, a teenage boy, that one day, when hunting crabs, meets a mermaid who sends him on a quest to meet someone named Gwenfadrille. On his quest, things are beginning to turn to stone at random. He later figures out that this was caused by gorgons, and he meets Beorf, a humanimal that can turn to a bear. While Amos continues on his quest, Beorf fights the gorgons and eventually gets turned to stone. Amos later accepts the mask wearer title and with it, an army under his command.

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