Along the Garden Path
Along the Garden Path (Addison Erhard Series) (Volume 1)
Along the Garden Path
This is a story about Addison Erhard, an affluent young seventeen-year-old growing up in McLean, Virginia, who feels pressured to be successful. She wants to be a journalist who makes an impact on the world. In order to attend her dream school of Columbia University, she must break the state track record, and write an incredible story for her school's magazine. Her family is split in their support, the pressure in the community and from her father is to attend an Ivy League school, to become a successful lawyer, doctor, politician or banker; her father would like her to become a banker. Her mother, an artist who does not fit in with the McLean society as well as her father, supports her desire to follow her dreams. She meets a boy, Mason Gentry, who wants to buck high society McLean by following his family’s legacy and become a farmer. While investigating her story about kids who pursue non-traditional college and career paths, the young journalist falls in love with Mason. In March a student at Chain Bridge High School and friend of both Mason and Addison, Jamison Randall, is struck down during a hit-and-run accident early one morning. The driver of the car has fled and Jamison is in a coma. Addison, who works for the news magazine, decides to investigate the accident on her own, and what she find is more than she can handle.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This book packs all a good book needs: love, mystery, and adventure. The main character is Charlotte Peyton who is a teenager growing up in northern Virginia. Her one true passion lies in journalism. While in high school, she shares many of struggles teenagers have faced while pursuing their dream. Along the way is Mason, a boy for whom she must manage her feelings. Add that on top of a project to solve that she takes upon herself after a tragic event happens in her community, and Charlotte has to determine what’s best for her in the end.

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