All That Glitters
Avalon: Web of Magic Book 2: All That Glitters (Bk. 2)
All That Glitters
Rachel Roberts
Emily and Adriane each have one thing Kara lacks―a magic gem. But when Kara finally finds a magic stone of her own―a diamond unicorn horn―it brings more trouble than the girls can handle. Pesky dragonflies start showing up everywhere and new Fairimentals appear, warning of danger. Worst of all, a band of terrifying monsters is stalking Kara. Overcoming these perils may bring the teens one step closer to Avalon, the source of all magic. But it may also cost one of them her life. All That Glitters is the second book in Avalon: Web of Magic, a twelve-book fantasy series by Rachel Roberts for middle grade readers. Through their magical journey, the teenage heroines discover who they really are . . . and run into plenty of good guys, bad guys, and cute guys.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The main character is Kara who is a middle school girl. Kara is stuck in betweeen two sets of friends. One set is normal and the other has magic capabilities. The "normal" set bad mouths the other girls, and Kara chooses to ignore this. Kara flip-flops back and forth between cliques. The book is geared towards early teens, focused for girls. It keeps you turning the pages.

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