Alfred C. Bogeyman
Alfred C. Bogeyman
Alfred C. Bogeyman
Since his father's deployment, Adrian feels he has to be the man of the house. So when the boogieman scares his little brother, Sam, every night, he and his friends, Ralph and Sean, are determined to find the boogieman and give him a taste of his own medicine. With the help of Socks, Sean's dog, their search leads them to small cottage behind the park where they encounter Alfred C. Bogeyman and the forces of fear, bravery and evil collide.

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Paranormal
  • Short Story

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

The book starts off with a boy named Adrian who hears his brother Sam screaming from in his room and remembers that his brother is being scared by the boogeyman.  He and his friends go on a search to find the boogeyman’s house. When they find it thethe house, they know they will have to come back and defeat the bogeyman. Will they succeed?  Read to find out!


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This book is about Adrian's brother, Sam. He thought he saw the bogeyman. Adrian and his friends go to a house, and the house's mailbox says ¨Bogeyman.¨ They go back to get his friend's dog to sniff out the Bogeyman.  The dog and the children spot the man who they think is the Bogeyman.  The group of friends jump behind of bushes and the group believes the Bogeyman has one of their friends because he is missing from the group.  Will they be able to defeat this man?

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Three boys, Adrian, Ralph, and Sean, must work together to stop a person who is scaring Adrian’s little brother, Sam, every night. They get a dog called Socks to track down this boogeyman and tell him to stop frightening Sam. But will their plan to find this man work, and if it does, do they really have any chance at stopping his evil schemes for good?

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