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This book is about a teenage boy named Nick. He goes to high school like a normal teenager, has his drivers license, and plays on the football team. But Nick isn't normal. He is the Malachi, a demon born to eradicate all human life from the planet. But the Malachi doesn't control Nick's thoughts or actions. He lies sleeping inside Nick. And if Nick lets him wake up, the world will pay the price. 

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This is a book about a teenage boy thrown into things he doesn't understand. His name is Colt Shore. He goes to a special school for secret agents. It is run by an organization called FALCON. As he is trained to be a secret agent, an active secret agent takes notice of him. The adventure that is started by their talk is an adventure Colt will never forget. 

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This book is about the trials of a time traveling nineteen year old named Jackson. One day, he and his girlfriend, whose name is Holly, are sitting in her apartment when two people burst in the door. They then shoot Holly and tell Jackson to "jump" or time travel. He jumps back to 2007, which is way farther then he has jumped back before. But this jump is different. He is stuck in 2007 and can't get back to 2009. The rest of the book involves him trying to get back to 2009 and save his girlfriend. 

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