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Jenny MacLeod is about to lose her family farm because of crushing debt. The only way to save her farm is to sign up for a wind turbine project. When protestors invade their beach and her father has a heart attack, the wealthy Murdochs who benefit from the turbine project take Jenny in. Soon Jenny is alerted by her sly and cunning friend Pavel that Mr. Murdoch has been keeping things from the MacLeods that could save their farm without the turbine project. So Pavel and Jenny set out to make things right.

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Super is a good book. It is about a boy named Daniel surrounded by his friends who are superheroes. But when a family member of the Shroud (Mr. Herman Plunkett – an evil villain) comes to town he and his friends are determined to find out if he is good or evil. One of his friends starts to lose his powers as he gains the same power. Is he the Shroud? Find out in this thrilling sequel to Powerless.



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