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All that Ginny Davis wants is to have 1 good year. Eighth grade is going to be that year. She is going to try out for cheerleading, join vampire vixens, and maybe, if she's lucky, fall in love. Middle school doesn't turn out how she wants it to. Her family ends up moving, her stepdad loses his job, and her big brother keeps getting into trouble, then her family finds out her mom is having a baby. All she can think about is how sick she would be if worrying could make you sick. 

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Ivy and Bean are sick of just watching Bean's older sister, Nancy, and hearing all about the wonderful adventures SHE'S had at camp. Ivy and Bean have had enough, and decide to start their own camp, Camp Flaming Arrow. Ivy and Bean do a lot of fun activities with the childeren they host in Camp Flaming Arrow, including hunting a Komodo Dragon!



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