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Tris has never felt like anyone. Her parents want her to be more ladylike, and she has no friends except her dog, Mars. But that all changes on a mysterious night when Tris falls down the sewer into an amazing world full of children that call themselves savages. Fireflies that fly above the children's' heads light everything and kids sleep at anytime they want to. But that''s not even the weirdest part. There are no adults. Join Tris on an adventure where she'll meet some pretty weird kids and monsters that snack on children.

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13 year old, Alice Parker has had some strange things happen to her. Extreme fruit cravings, mysterious back aches, and perfect grades are just some examples. Join Alice as she learns who she is and what she is, and how she keeps all her secrets from her parents. Lucky for Alice she has caring friends that help her along the way. If you like fiction, adventure, and mystery "Alice Parker's Metamorphosis" is the perfect book for you.

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Sophie Foster is a 12 year old misfit. But all that changes when she meets a strange boy named Fitz who has the same special talent Sophie has: They can both read minds. Join Sophie on her adventure in a new world as she tries to find who she really is, and what she really is. If you like suspense, action, emotion, and magic you should definitely read Keeper of the Lost Cities.

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Nightingale, by David Farland is an exceptionally well written 
book that is sure to have readers swept away in a world of 
action, fantasy, romance and of course adventure.  Bron Jones 
is a foster child. He has taught himself not to get close with 
any of his foster parents or siblings. Bron must transfer 
parents after being accused of stealing. He is being sent to a 
woman who cant have any children of her own. Right off the bat 
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When three kids skip out on a museum tour their punishment is the scariest thing ever!!!! They have to join their schools mathletes. At first the kids are really bummed, but with the help of Lunch Lady and her sidekick, Betty they figure out the mathletes can be a wonderful experience. This book has action, humor, and comic book format. If that intrigues you Lunch Lady is definitely the book for you.

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Lydia Hawkins is a 12-year-old girl living in the mountains of West Virginia. Her whole world gets turned upside down when her brother, B.J. passes away and her mother gets put in jail for an unfair reason. When she gets sent away to live with her grumpy uncle and crazy aunt some weird things happen. Lydia figures out some family secrets that change her entire life. If you like suspense, tragedy, and standing up for what's right, Child of The Mountains is the perfect book for you.


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