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In the book Roy Morelli Steps Up to the Plate, Roy can't wait for his All-Star baseball season to start, but when Roy starts to fail history, his parents aren't happy. For Roy's punishment, his parents make him quit the All-Star baseball league and get a tutor. Now that he can't play in the All-Star league, it means Roy gets to play on the rec league or no league at all. Will Roy start to make things worse, or can he step up to the plate when it really matters?

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In the book, "There Are No Words," Jaxon Mackinze, an autistic 12-year-old girl, is always missunderstood. Even though she may not be able to talk, she's very smart and looks at the world in a diffrent way. She even knows how to read! But to everyone that is a secret, so, one night she sneaks past her grandparent's bed to get a book, and when she starts to read an old newspaper falls out. The newspaper talks of one of the greatest train wrecks in history with 121 people dead and 57 badly injured.

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The book, "Tracking Trash", is mostly about objects, such as Nike tennis shoes or bath toys being thrown overboard, by accident, and Curt, the main scientist, making a great discovery out of it. Curt finds some most unusual ways to learn about ocean currents, like putting radars on Nike shoes and having them float in the ocean, and when they reach shore a beachcomber finds the shoe and reports back to Curt. To help him with this Curt uses OSCURS, a program that can tell, (depending an where you dropped the item), what day, month, and year it will find a beach.

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This Manga is about a town that is threatened by cyborg 
bandits for it's rice. The town sends out three people to 
search for some samurai to help defend there village. The 
three bump into katsushiro which is a guy who was walking 
around in the town that they went to. They take him as 
there first samurai. Later they find out he isn't one and 
that he is just a plain kid. Though in he helps them to 
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In the book "To Come and Go Like Magic", Chile's lifelong dream is to leave Mercy Hills, Kentucky and travel the world. So, when Chile and her class get a substitute teacher they soon learn English class is now Biography and Mrs.Matlock and Chile grow a strong friendship. But is there more to Mrs.Matlock that Chile doesn't know about? Through this wild adventure, Chile soon learns more about herself and the beauty of her own hometown and even gains a new friend over the course of her exciting adventure.