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I hope after you read this you will want to read the book. Ameca and Fraya are the main characters in the book; they are sisters. They love to go on adventures. They don't live in the same world as us. They live in a different world. A world, like a fantasy world, called Mythrania. In their world there are dragons. Ameca and Fraya brought their father back to life. The scelesus is taking over their home and claims it to be his home. Their father is being accused of murder and then he goes missing. Ameca, Fraya, and their mother were sent on a very unsafe journey to find him.

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Spirited is a good book. It is about ghosts and paranormal things.This book has many stories all by different authors. I will tell you about my favorote story. It is called New Girl. New Girl is about a girl who moves every year, well almost every year to a new school so she is referred to as the new girl. She doesn't usually make friends. This year its different she meets this boy named Josh and finds out she might be staying at that school awhile. If you want to know what happens next read the book.



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