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Author and main character, Teja Harper, recounts her family’s adventure at the Aquarium. Teja enters the vivid illustration of the St. Louis Aquarium. Scenes of wonder and discovery abound as Teja visits interesting fish such as Red Garra, nibbling shrimp, and clown fish. Conversations with Teja’s brother, mother, and father slowly add atmosphere to the picture book as Teja views splashing otters, various turtles, and jellyfish.

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Bryan Mooney’s Under the Christmas Moon intertwines family, hard work, service, duty, community, charity, veteran life, Christmas cheer, and love in his novel searching for the destinies of Garrett and Megan. Marine Sergeant Garrett Jackson finds himself stranded in the small Vermont town of River Junction on route to Montana, a place he used to call home. Out of concern for the impending across-country winter storm, Megan Maguire and her father search the bus for any unfortunately, stranded strangers.


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