Book Reviews by huhu

Drummond, a timid but eager middle-schooler filled with curiosity, is geared towards joining the secondary school’s marching band. With the help of his teacher and a number of new friends, he soon gains a newly awakened confidence, not only musically, but in his profound sense of identity and belonging. However, his struggle of homelife drains this excitement little by little. As vivid days full of hues in the marching band go by, life continues to become an endless process of self-discovery. Drummond’s journey is well documented in this genuine and pensive narrative.

‘What’s Troubling Tawny?’ tells the story of a shy, baby Sumatran rhinoceros, Tawny, who starts off the tale splashing and playing around in a muddy swamp. While griming in the mud, Tawny realizes that playing in mud might be even more fun with someone else. Right after the thought, an outgoing rhinoceros hornbill, Tallulah, glides down, and they soon both connect through their similar horns. Tawny opens up to Tallulah about her wish to have a friend to play with, in spite of her shy nature. How might the two go about Tawny’s hindering problem?

The Love of Vera by Alice Magro follows the story of two young New York lovers, Vera and Gino, dealing with their own insights on life with family and faith. On top of their parents' history and Gino’s syndicate power, they continue to overcome and grow deep in their relationship. However, when there’s a pursuit on Gino’s life, their world in The Big City starts to shake and tremble. How will their love from friends, family, and notably each other help them overcome all the perils?