Book Reviews by Elleny

“Ravening Heart of the Wolf” is a book that is centered around the heroin named Manon Falderdean.  Her life has been impacted and torn apart again and again from her mother being ripped from her leading to her death, to having to stay in a constant state of fear while hiding away from a brutal warlord with her grandmother.  Her chaotic life gains another level of disarray when she is found by the warlord who then comes to collect her and kills her beloved grandmother.

Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi is a book that is centered around two main characters, Penny and Sam, who, through unusual circumstances, are thrown together in Austin, TX.  Penny is starting her first year of college at the University of Texas while running away from everything she left at home. Sam is taking a break from college and feels stuck in a poor situation of no real home, his job, and being stuck on his ex-girlfriend.