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Book Reviews by marrington

The Raven’s Tale is a fictional story about the teenage life of Edgar Allan Poe. The reader takes a journey through the tale from Poe’s point of view. His struggles as a teenager who loses his parents at a very young age and the experiences of living in a foster home are creatively told using quotes from Poe as well as William Shakespeare’s work. Young Poe faces opposition from his foster father about his writing. This disturbs Poe and has him battling against his Gothic muse.

Six young teens find themselves kidnapped on a hostile planet 2.4 million light-years away from Earth. Six months prior, their parents, brilliant scientists of TerraGen Universal, vanished after being sent to the same planet on an expedition. Working for MetaUniversal Genetics, ex-CIA agent Lachlan Evans, Washington DC power broker Robert Morton, and former security director of TerraGen Benton Keene have also traveled through the portal to planet Genesis.

Sunel would never have imagined that a small prank could lead to the unexpected for her and 60 classmates. Where are they? Are they dead? Why have they been separated into three categories? Where is David, Mark's brother? These questions and many more are answered as Sunel, Mark, and Carly go to the otherside to find David. Will Sunel be able to save her friends, or will it cost her her soul?

Stanley McKnight, an investment advisor, moves from California to London after his mother is killed in an automobile accident. He and his wife separate after experiencing many nervous breakdowns because he blames his wife for his mother’s death.

Beth Teller, dead after an automobile accident, sticks around to help her grieving father. She hopes an investigation is just what he needs to distract him from mourning. Detective Michael Telling can see and hear his daughter, and she is determined to help him reconnect with the world of the living. A home for troubled children burns down, and the discovery of a dead body makes it a homicide. The detective and his daughter go to the hospital to interview a witness, Isobel Catching. They discover that she is an aboriginal like Beth and her mother.

Seventeen-year-old Sherman Andrews wants nothing more than to be a great journalist. The Missouri Scholars' Academy accepts him, and he is determined to find the ultimate story. As a high school kid on a college campus, Sherman must face growing up quickly. He becomes involved with Charlie, a chubby yet cute librarian, and his journey to journalism begins.