Book Reviews by ClaudiaG

Arnetta is a teenager who lives with her grandparents. When Arnetta is walking back to her grandparents' house during a thunderstorm, she stops at an antique store where she meets Little Man who shows her an ancient mirror. Arnetta picks up the mirror and gazes into it. She sees a car hit the parking meter outside, and a teenager with long black hair comes out of the car. But when she turns around to look out the window, there’s no one there.

Buckley is a German Shepherd who works in a airport, sniffing out anything suspicious. Buckley’s best friend Sarge and Sarge's partner are retiring. On the night of the going away party, before the party, Buckley and his partner Adam search through the last mail delivery making sure there is nothing illegal in the mail. After they finish, Buckley hears little scratching noises. He sniffs out a crate full of porcelain statues each with a dead chameleon in them. Adam and Buckley search through all of the statues looking for a survivor.

Rutherford, the dog, lives with his family and their owner Mr. Davis who owns a breeding business, which breeds basset hounds for show.  Rutherford wants to become a guard dog for Mr. Davis, but he was born with a bad leg which made him limp. Instead, he becomes a comedian for his family. When Mr. Davis dies from a heart attack, his son Horace Davis takes over the business. Horace doesn’t like Rutherford as he thinks he’s useless because of his bad leg. One day, he drives and drops Rutherford out at a spot in a faraway forest.

Hannah is the most popular girl in the fifth grade class. She has three friends, and they think they are the only cool kids at school. Meg is like the opposite of Hannah because she has one friend, and she is not popular. Meg has messy hair and wrinkled clothes making it easy for her to be bullied. Hannah tricks Meg’s only friend to join her group. Hannah bullies Meg and calls her "goose girl".  Meg doesn’t say anything because she thinks everyone would take Hannah’s side. Will Meg and Hannah sort out this conflict before it gets worse?

Piper and Mac are two stubborn Scottish Terriers. Piper is a black Scottish Terrier who, in her mind, is too mature to chase bikes and cars while Mac is a white terrier who loves chasing bikes and cars. These two Scottish Terriers are mostly opposites, but they do have a few things in common: they are both stubborn leaders, neither are followers, and they both think of food whenever they’re thinking about anything. Their owners leave to go to their Grandma’s farm, but the two terriers are left behind.

The crunchers like crunchy crackers, and the jellies like sticky jelly. The crunchers don't like the jellies, and the jellies don't like the crunchers. The jellies don't want to try crackers because they think they are to crunchy. The crunchers don't want to try jelly because it's to sticky. This causes a fight.