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Set at a therapeutic boarding school, A Bitter Pill to Swallow tells the story of two teens and two adults both overcoming their own problems. Janina has trouble fitting in, and Devante has anxiety from a traumatic experience. Gail is frustrated by the cruel place she was working, and Dr. Lutkin is haunted by the mistakes of his past. As each person goes about their journey of healing, they will begin to unravel a medical mystery. Will this mystery change the life of one patient and doctor forever? Or will the school be shut down forever? 

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When Lucas, Emma's boyfriend, develops cancer, all of his family and friends believe he is on his deathbed. Well, that is except for Emma. She knows that the only way to save Lucas is to see the town's enchantress, Mrs.Kokesh. But when Lucas makes a miraculous recovery, Emma knows something is not the same with him. When Emma finds out that an extraterrestrial creature has possessed her boyfriend, she and the alien embark on an adventure of trust, friendship, and humanity to get the alien back to his home planet.

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