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This book packs all a good book needs: love, mystery, and adventure. The main character is Charlotte Peyton who is a teenager growing up in northern Virginia. Her one true passion lies in journalism. While in high school, she shares many of struggles teenagers have faced while pursuing their dream. Along the way is Mason, a boy for whom she must manage her feelings. Add that on top of a project to solve that she takes upon herself after a tragic event happens in her community, and Charlotte has to determine what’s best for her in the end.

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Can you imagine having Cupid as a father? Emma Valentine is like any twenty-four-year-old trying to find herself, except for one thing. Her father is Cupid, and one day she’ll take over his job. Tasked with making two people fall in love, she goes all over Manhattan. Add in love troubles of her own, not to mention her job—that she still manages to keep. This is going to be one roller coaster. And who knows - Cupid might even show up!

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