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This is a non fiction book that gives you DIY ideas for making items out of duct tape. There are many different kinds of items highlighted in this book. Besides giving you directions on how to make the items it also gives you tips and recommends products you need or should get for the projects.

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Fat Angie is a book about a girl who lives in her sister's shadow, but now that she is missing in Iraq, Angie is trying to find a "new normal." Angie is not very popular at school or in her home life, and she has tried to kill herself before because of what's been happening in her life. She is so tormented that everybody even calls her Fat Angie because of her weight.

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This is a book about two girls, Quincy and Biddy, both of whom were in their school's Special Education progam and just recently graduated. The reader learns alot about these two girls and their pasts.

In the book you also see how different the girls are so it is surprising when they are made roomates in their first apartment. Biddy and Quincy learn to get along and lean on each other for support.

It is a story about growing up.

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A story that beatifuly mixes love, tragedy, magical realism, and coming of age. The book starts with a history of the family (told by Ava, the main character). Ava is a normal girl except for one little thing: she is born with wings. When she is 16 she goes on a quest to discover who she is and why she was born this way. She is not prepared for the real world and goes through many trials and tribulations. It is a beautiful book with many themes like self discovery, the American dream, and what it means to be human. 


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