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A young teenage boy named Alec Corbett, the complete opposite of his serious father, is stationed in living quarters at an ISS base. They both live there for the current moment. While he and his very-difficult-to-live-with father are at the top of the "food chain," there's more going on than they see. Down on the lower levels, a rebellion may be forming. Opposed to the President's and his father's choices about who lives where, the food and water supply, and everything thing else they make decisions about, Alec one day decides to go to a lower level.

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I give it three stars, preferably 2 and a half. Why? Because I didn't really understand it. I only skimmed through it. It was not exactly 14 year old material, if you know what I mean. But, what I mean is the book had a lot of things that might've been for older people than I. But, from the pages I've read, I'd say it was an okay book.


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