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The Problem With Being Slighly Heroic is a book about stars and friends. The main charecters are Dini, Maddie, Dolly Singh and Brenna. Dini is a girl who has lived in India for two years. She has met the great film star, Dolly Singh, Dini and Maddie's favorite star, whoh is now coming to America! She and her friend Maddie have been practicing their dance ever since they heard about her new film opening, Kahan hai Sunny Villa (Where Is Sunny Villa). Now, with Dolly in town, will everything be rose peatal milk shakes and elephants, or no-no-no and lost passports?

If thirteen-year-old Charis Parks were normal, that would be a relief to her, the world, and the gods. But sadly for her, the world, and the gods, she isn’t normal. It all starts with a dream.

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