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The novel, Knee Deep, portrays a high school teenage girl named Ronnie, who has to face the demons of her current boyfriend Shawn. She finds herself in this problem when she notices that he seems distant, but he won’t say anything. The problem only worsens when she tries out for the school play, Romeo and Juliet, when she gets the part as Juliet’s understudy. As the play starts, Ronnie and her best guy friend Luke begin getting real cozy with each other, and she begins to start having feelings for him.

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The second book of The Iron Trology, The Vampire Gene, is about how the main character, Rebecca, another “iron metaboliser”  figures out a way to avoid the most terrifying vampire Jack, who is desperately trying to kidnap and keep her solely for himself, with less than good intentions. While her fiance Angus along with his two brothers, Marcus and Fergus, meet up with another vampire family who fight against Jack’s army of evil vampires to save Rebecca from Jack’s grip, he kidnaps her and takes her away.

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