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Since the death of her parents, the fate of the world is in the hands of a college aged girl named Samantha Hathaway. Instead of having a normal freshman year, her parents's foe, Alexander Nero, decides to contine the fight between magic and non-magic people by accusing Samantha of stealing multiple magical artifacts that he actually stole. One of these magical artifacts was used to bring people from the dead back to life. To clear her name and save the world, Samantha and her friends have to find the witch-hunter's gauntlet from the clues her parents left her. 

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The story is about a dysfunctional family. The story takes place in the future in a strong hold of soldiers that sort of keep them prisoner. The boy Mathew is a prankster, and he often pranks a sergeant named Willis. After being introduced to the family members and toward the end of the story the dad leaves to look for a way to be  emotionally closer with his family. At the end there is a cliffhanger that leaves Mathew's dad face to face with death.


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