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The main characters are Roboto, soon to be Laura’s husband, Emilia, Laura’s assistant, Doge, Roboto’s big boss, and Lysander is the news delivery boy. Finally Laura is a princess who likes to sneak out into the forest. This story takes place in many places for example a palace, a jail cell and a house. The story is set in medieval times. The problem in this story is that Roboto gets thrown in jail for something he didn’t do. Doge, Roboto’s boss convinces the jail keepers to put Roboto on house arrest. This prevents Roboto from going to visit his love Laura.

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This story takes place in a house and a forest. The main character is Lilly. The other characters are: Oscer, Uncle Ebb, Lilly’s brother and the lion roan. The problem in the story is that they can’t find the necklace for the coin.


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