David Blaze

David Blaze is the award-winning author of several highly imaginative children's books, including the popular My Fox series. His goal is to create children's books that are fun, hilarious, and honest for kids of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Timothy David and his son Zander Blaze live in Orlando, Florida, with their crazy dog (Sapphire) and Blaze's awesome Mom! Timothy David loves to watch funny movies and eat pizza rolls! Zander Blaze loves to play with Hot Wheels and feast on chicken nuggets! Together, as David Blaze, they share lots of laughs and have lots of fun.

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Joining LitPick today for an author interview is David Blaze, author of middle grade and children’s books. His newest book, Epic Kids, has received the LitPick Top Choice Book Review Award.

One student reviewer said, “Epic Kids was a very suspenseful book because it left me on the edge of my seat, which caused me to want to read more.”

Read the entire review: https://litpick.com/review/epic-kids-review-momobook

***How did you get started writing?

Many years ago, back in the time of dinosaurs, I wrote short stories. Shortly after my son was born (six years ago), I began to think about writing books for kids. Honestly, I decided to write books with characters that exhibit values I want my son to have as he grows older. And that's what I do with every book I write these day. It doesn't matter if the stories are science fiction, fantasy, or even mystery. The characters always have morals to fall back on.

***Who influenced you?

I've written stories since the 5th grade. None of my family or friends have ever been writers. I think we all figure out what interests us the most at a young age. The earliest memory I have of writing was when I created a funny poem about my friends in class. Somehow all the kids read it, and they all loved it. They begged me to write individual poems for them.  I was a bit of a loner and that got me a lot of attention. If I had to guess, that event created my love for writing.

***Do you have a favorite book/subject/character/setting?

A while back, I decided to read a chapter book/middle grade novel to determine if I liked it and if I could write anything like it. That book was Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja. I loved the book and it helped steer me in the direction I needed to go to write for children. I also love any fantasy book that has animals (you will find animals in all my books). 

***What advice do you have for someone who wants to be an author?

You really should write something every day. I've heard throughout most of my life that you have to write 1,000 or 2,000 words a day. While this is a great guideline, if you can write 100 words one day and 500 words the next, you're on the right track. It's easy to lose interest in any writing if you step away from it for a day because one day usually becomes two, and two become three, and...

***Where is your favorite place to write?

At the desk in my office, in complete silence. I've worn hearing aids since I was a child, and they help me hear as well as anyone else. But when I sit down to write on my computer, I take my hearing aids out and engross myself in my thoughts and words. The only sounds that stand out are the clickety clack of the keys on my keyboard and my dog whining that she needs to go out.

***What else would you like to tell us?

I think a lot of us give up on dreams because even though there was once something we wanted to do more than anything, one day we just decided it's not possible. I've wanted to be an author since I was a kid. I was denied by editors and publishers for years, so I finally gave up in my 20's and decided I just didn't have what it takes and I was supposed to work an 8-5 job for the rest of my life. Seven years later, I decided to try again with short stories. I made enough money with that to buy groceries and put gas in my car every week (while still working full time). Two years ago, I was able to leave my job and write full time. Recently, Frozen 2 was released - the movie and the book. I am the author of Disney's Frozen 2 junior novelization. Dreams can come true if you never give up.

***David, thank you for chatting with us. It has been great to hear about your inspiration as a young writer and the journey you have walked in your writing career. Wow, Frozen 2! What an incredible opportunity. Thanks for sharing that lesson of perseverance.  



David Blaze