Betsy Sproger

Betsy Sproger is a veteran homeschool mom and blogger who homeschooled her daughter from preschool through high school. Then she helped her teen get into each of the colleges on her list with scholarship offers, including a tier one University. Her daughter graduated Cum Laude from her top choice University, spring 2018. 

Betsy blogs at BJ’s Homeschool, sharing resources and encouragement about homeschooling the early years, middle school, high school/college and special needs, gifted/twice exceptional issues, too. 

Through her blog, she offers homeschool help for preschool through high school and also mentors moms who are helping their teens get into college. She has written over 60 homeschool curriculum reviews for The Curriculum Choice, has published children’s stories in Christian children's magazines, is a member of the iHomeschool Network and now a founding member of the Gifted Homeschooler Forum.

Betsy is a former OT and preschool teacher who loves quilting, gardening, joining in her church activities and hiking in her beloved Pacific NW home with her husband and daughter.

She has written Homeschooling High School with College in Mind


Betsy Sproger