A Gypsy Curse - Full Moon series book 2
D.A. McGrath
Clara is a very special girl. She has inherited the magical ability to shape shift into animal form. Unfortunately, owing to a Gypsy curse placed on one of her ancestors, she is forced to transform only on the three nights of a full moon each month.

Clara has already lost her best friend, Sinead. Because of the curse, she has a lonely future ahead and she also bears the responsibility of passing it on to future generations. Clara is not happy about this. In fact, she is determined to break the curse at any cost.

In this, second book of the Full Moon series, Clara is still growing into her powers. Missing Sinead, she becomes friendly with a stray dog named Bob. And she meets Luke, a quiet Gypsy boy whose family may know how to break the curse, if only Clara can get them to open up.

But how far is she willing to go to succeed? How much of her heart and soul is she willing to jeopardise, in her quest to break the curse?
A Gypsy Curse - Full Moon series book 2
Achoo! Why Pollen Counts
Shennen Bersani
Spring has arrived and pollen is in the air. Baby Bear does not like the pollen—it sticks to his fur and makes him itchy and sneezy. He’s allergic! Achoo! He just wishes the pollen were gone. When his friends gather to tell him why they need pollen, Baby Bear learns that pollen is good for the forest and provides food for many animals, including him! Pollen might be something we all love to hate, but can we really live without it? This story explains why we need it.
Achoo! Why Pollen Counts
Crossed Fire (Book 2 Crossed Series)
Kim Baccellia
Stephanie Stewart is a typical sixteen-year-old girl—she loves hanging out with her friends, going to concerts, and sipping mocha lattes. Yup. Just your average teenager . . . Except for one difference—she can see and talk to the dead. In fact, Stephanie helps dead girls who who’ve been murdered or killed, cross over. Just as Stephanie is getting used to her unique “gift”, her mom stumbles into some dangerous witchcraft that backfires and triggers similar abilities in Stephanie’s best friend Cura, and nemesis Hillary. Stephanie already has enough trouble trying to maintain a “normal” life between school and her cute boyfriend Dylan, who happens to have a supernatural talent all his own. But now she has to help her friend Cura and her “frenemy” Hillary cope with their new-found powers as well as cross over two murdered cheerleaders and battle an evil demon who wants to use Stephanie’s supernatural strengths as a free pass to The Other Side. And she needs to do it all while still getting her term papers in on time. She’s definitely going to need an extra-large mocha latte for this.
Crossed Fire (Book 2 Crossed Series)
Fair to Hope
Sam Reed

Velma had lived two lives: her first as a former foster kid, and her second as an unlikely recruit into a secret order that satisfied her need for retribution. Her fifteen-year-old self had given up on hope, but after three years with the Taram, she'd found her life's purpose.

That is, until she is surprisingly named Kachina, the fabled chosen empowered to fight the last battle for the fate of the world. Having to kill someone she loves was never part of the bargain, even if it means saving everyone else from damnation.

Building a normal life free from the pull of the Taram--seems like the only answer to her prayers. Except her best friend, the other Kachina, is coming. The legend is clear that one of them must die.

Velma will have to weigh the cost of her life against a world that's constantly betrayed her and quite literally decide if she'll be damned in dying, taking the whole world with her.

Fair to Hope
Hey Tuskegee!Hey Tuskegee!
Robert E. Constant
Follow siblings Robbie and Saniyah as they relive the outstanding accomplishments of iconic African-Americans, including the university's founder, Booker T. Washington. Take in the spirit and pageantry of Homecoming as the Marching Crimson Pipers entertain and lead more than 30,000 fans in singing the university's signature songs. After the game, witness the Black Greek sororities' and fraternities' comradery as they passionately sing their traditional songs. Then, share the families' pride when they take a generational picture with their Legacy Brick.Follow siblings Robbie and Saniyah as they relive the outstanding accomplishments of iconic African-Americans, including the University’s founder, Booker T. Washington. Take in the spirit and pageantry of Homecoming as the Marching Crimson Piper Band entertains and leads more than 30,000 fans in singing the University’s signature songs. After the game, witness the Black Greek sororities and fraternities perform a traditional step show on “the yard.”  Then, share in the family’s pride when they take a generational picture with their Legacy brick.
Hey Tuskegee!
Pukey Poetry: Tale Ticklers by Mz Millipede
Dorianne Allister Winkler

Discover the magical world of Mz Millipede! Her hilarious poems and illustrations open the hearts of children everywhere when they meet up with the likes of Toe-Jam Sam, Skink the Skouse, Gaggleburps and many more outrageously fun-filled characters.

Mz Milli is not your average millipede! Whether changing color at will, growing super tall or shrinking very small--she will surprise you on every page.

Look out for the Froogley Man who loves to nibble on kid's feet after dark--or Lollipop Preeta who will finish off more than her lollipop if you dare to ask for a bite!

This beautifully illustrated children's picture book is perfect for kids and grown-up kids. She invites you to enter her exciting world of magic... on a millipede's dare!

Pukey Poetry: Tale Ticklers by Mz Millipede
Reality Gold
“There are only two ways to survive Internet infamy: drop offline and play dead or give everyone something bigger and better to talk about. I’ve tried the first strategy. Now it’s time to try the second…”
A year and a lifetime ago, Riley Ozaki was just an ordinary high school junior in San Francisco, stressing over boys and grades. But an ill-conceived editorial in her school paper brought her an internet avalanche of public-shaming and ruined her life. 
Now Riley’s on a helicopter dropping into a deserted island with nineteen other teens, to star in a reality show that will be her redemption. She has no other choice. National attention was what got her into this mess, and only the same level of exposure can get her out. Besides, Riley has a few tricks up her sleeve.
With a cast of vivid characters who will stop at nothing to win the show, a cursed island setting, and a priceless treasure waiting to be discovered, Reality Gold will drop readers right into a scheming web of lies, love, and betrayal.
Reality Gold
The Inspiring Tale of Wilma Rudolph
This is quite the story... about a girl who overcame,
battling against all the odds... this woman rose to great fame.

What she accomplished... is hard enough to achieve,
but when you learn how... you'll find it hard to believe.

This story is about persistence... and keeping the faith,
it deals with hard work... and daring to be great.

The girl was Wilma Rudolph... known for her speed & her grace,
the most inspiring story ever... you could well make the case.
The Inspiring Tale of Wilma Rudolph

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