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LitPick promotes reading and writing as well as connecting authors to readers. We are exclusively dedicated to providing reviewer opinions on new young adult literature by encouraging students from 4th grade through college to read and write reviews on new young adult titles. Having started in 2002 as Flamingnet Teen Book Reviews, we are a growing online community of students, librarians, teachers, authors, publishers, and others who are passionate about young adult books.
Visitors to LitPick can read our young adult reviews without becoming members, but LitPick student reviewers and members of our site do receive special benefits. These special benefits include access to our wish list and announcements about special offers such as our giveaway contests.

We trust that the information you provide us when signing up to become a LitPick student reviewer or member is correct, honest, and not misleading in any way.

Please contact us for permission to use quotes, reviews, awards, or other content from our site. We are very accommodating and usually will be more than happy to consent.

LitPick evaluates all student reviews before they are posted, and we monitor our forum posts to the best of our ability; but we take no responsibility and assume no liability for content that is posted on LitPick by you or by anyone else. We particularly will assume that all written materials submitted to LitPick by publishers and authors are original works and that those sending us these materials have the right to distribute them to us for review or for other use on our website.
Privacy Policy

We follow these two important privacy principles to keep your trust:

  • We are committed to protecting the privacy of our student reviewers and members.

  • We will not sell information that identifies you to anyone, for any purpose. Period.

All information submitted to LitPick is held in the strictest confidence and will not be passed on to a third party unless you have instructed us to do so.
If you, in any context, have left personal information on any LitPick public pages, such as our forums, please remember that anyone can access this information. To the best of our ability, we monitor the content that is posted on our site. It is advisable that you only leave information on public areas of our website that you are comfortable sharing. The public profile information that you provide can be modified or deleted at any time after you have logged into LitPick using your personal username and password.
To protect your privacy, we suggest that you do not share your LitPick username and password.
LitPick has the right to remove any information or material posted on our web site for any reason or for no reason, including, without limitation, if, in LitPick's sole opinion, such information or material violates or may violate any applicable law to protect or defend its rights or property or those of any third party. We do privately accumulate and analyze certain information about how LitPick is used, diagnosing service or technical problems, maintaining security, and personalizing advertisements and promotions.
Protecting the privacy of our student reviewers and members is especially important to us. We request that any author, publisher, or other person who may intentionally or unintentionally obtain personal information about one of our student reviewers or members, either through email communication or otherwise, does not share this information with others, and does not communicate directly with our students or members without our knowledge, and does not use this information in any way without first consulting with LitPick.




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