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Would you like our students to review your book and honor you with a LitPick Five Star Book Award or maybe even have your title become a LitPick Top Choice Book?  After all, peer-to-peer book recommendations have proven to be very powerful when students, parents, and educators are looking for books to read! 


Author Aaron Foster offers books in our online interactive reading program

Author Elizabeth Atkinson offers books in our online interactive reading program

Author Andreas Oertel offers books in our online interactive reading program

Savannah Ostler

Author Geoffrey Saign offers books in our online interactive reading program

Author Jake Kerr offers books in our online interactive reading program

N.D. Richman offers books in our online interactive reading program

Authro J.L. McCreedy offers books in our online interactive reading program Author Braxton Cosby offers books in our online interactive reading program      Author Cally Pepper offers books in our online interactive reading program       Author Glenn Cameron offers books in our online interactive reading program      Author Claire Merchant offers books in our online interactive reading program



LitPick Book Review Packages

LitPick Rapid, Deluxe, and Guaranteed Book Review Packages  
Our Rapid, Deluxe, and Guaranteed Book Review packages are for authors and publishers looking for a book review to coincide with the release of a title or who want to be guaranteed to obtain a student book review for use on the book’s jacket, website, social media pages, or in promotional information.  With your permission, LitPick will also post our student's review of your title to, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, as well as numerous LitPick social media pages.  Books submitted for Rapid or Guaranteed Book Reviews are assigned to one of our experienced LitPick student book reviewers.  

LitPick Standard Reviews
When you submit your book for a standard review, you add your book to our list of available review books.  Any one of our student book reviewers can choose to review your book at any time, there is no guarantee as to if your book will be reviewed or how quickly you will obtain a review from our student book reviewer.  Each month, we receive a lot of new review requests, and unfortunately, it is difficult for our reviewers to read and review many books that are submitted to us for standard reviews.

Our Top Student Book Reviewers are  available to review "embryo" books and manuscripts.


Our Book Submission Form

Please Contact us for instructions explaining what you need to do to activate this link to our book submission form and how to complete the form to enter your book into our system for review.

LitPick Book Submission Form

LitPick Videos 

YouTube book review videos by LitPick student book reviews

Attract more attention to your book with a video of our book review or of your book!

We will animate our LitPick student book review of your title and post it to at least 8 social media pages including Facebook, Google +, Blogger, and Pinterest.  You can also use your video student book review on your website, social media pages, or even in email announcements about your book.  Other options are available and include an engaging video of your own audio as you speak about your book.

Using LitPick student book review videos with audio produced by our student reviewers is a very powerful way to promote your book to students, parents, and educators.


LitPick Home Page Marquee Feature 

The LitPick Home Page Feature

Promote your preteen - teen - YA book on LitPick
This very affordable LitPick Home Feature is very popular with authors and publishers and includes special above the fold placement of your book on our website, newsletter and social media announcements, as well as an opportunity to be a Featured Author on LitPick.  Your Featured Author interview is further promoted, along with your book, to thousands of our newsletter subscribers and to our Facebook and Twitter followers.

Preteen, teen, and YA book promotional opportunities on LitPick


LitPick New Arrival Announcements

                     LitPick new book arrival announcement for review by LitPick student book reviewers.

Congratulations!   Would you like us to announce your book’s addition to LitPick?  We announce your new arrival to our members and student reviewers (10,000+), our social media followers (FB, Twitter, and Instagram), and place it in our monthly newsletter and on our sister site, This LitPick announcement is offered for only $25.00 and includes a link to your book’s page on our site or to your book page. Please email us to request an announcement of your book’s arrival at LitPick.


LitPick Social Media Blast

LitPick book blast and social media announcement book reviews by our student book reviewers.
LitPick social media blast and announcement for book reviews and books which have been reviewed by our student book reviewers.

Please email us to request a LitPick social media blast of your book and book review today!


LitPick Featured Author Interviews 

Featured Author

Featured LitPick Author Emblem
Are you eligible to be a LitPick Featured Author on our social media pages and website?

Preteen, teen, and YA book promotional opportunities on LitPick


LitPick Book Awards

Our Five Star and Top Choice Awards

LitPick Five Star Book AwardBook awards are given in our online interactive reading program
We offer our Five Star Book Review Award graphic and our Top Choice Book Review Award graphic to authors and publishers whose books receive this special recognition from our student book reviewers.  These award graphics are available in three attractive color combinations and in resolutions suitable for print and website promotions.  Book labels are also available for order to be placed on your books.

Preteen, teen, and YA book promotional opportunities on LitPick

"Being a part of LitPick means being able to share your love of books with readers, reviewers and writers from around the world. It has been so rewarding as an Australian author to be able to interact and share my experiences and advice with the students and aspiring writers from all the way across the globe. The team at LitPick is wonderful, and the student reviewers are so fantastic in their enthusiasm for reading, and their book recommendations for their peers. I encourage anyone who lives and breathes books to join LitPick and become a part of the community."

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How can I help with LitPick?

You can join LitPick as an underwriter.

We always welcome authors and publishers as mentors for our student reviewers.  We call these mentors "underwriters." LitPick underwriters are a group of very skilled and dedicated librarians, teachers, parents, authors, and publishers who generously volunteer their time to provide feedback to our student book reviewers about their reviews.  This feedback helps improve the reading comprehension and writing skills of our student reviewers.  In fact, after reviewing for LitPick and working with our underwriters, some of our reviewers have been influenced to pursue careers in publishing, teaching, library science, and writing  Please contact us if you are interested in finding out about becoming a LitPick underwriter and mentoring our student reviewers.




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