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LitPick is one of the most popular sites on the web for students, parents, and educators looking for preteen, teen, and young adult book recommendations.  

The LitPick Home Page Feature

LitPick Featured Book Promotional Opportunity


Promote your book on our home page rotating marquee for only $65.00 a month

  • High visibility promotion on our marquee
  • Eye-catching, above the fold placement
  • Largest promotion on home page
  • Includes an upgrade of your LitPick book and author pages

   Viewed over 50K times per week, our home page includes the LitPick Home Page Feature books in our rotating marquee. This Home Page Feature book promotion runs for one month and includes a picture of your book's cover, along with a link to your LitPick book page that contains additional information and a link to your LitPick author page.

   You can decide what to include on your LitPick book page.  On your LitPick book page you may choose to include a review of your book, an interview with the author, and a list of other related books that you have published or which are part of a series.  From your LitPick book page, we also provide a link to for direct purchase of copies of your book. Additional links to a YouTube book trailer, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. can also be placed on your book page and on your  author page at LitPick.

Contact us to see what times are available for your LitPick Home Page Feature promotion.

Book Banner Placement

LitPick offers banner promotional marketing of your books

If you would like to place a book banner of your creation on our home page or on our inside pages, please contact us for special pricing. Banner dimensions are: 647px x 120px or 273px x 120px.


Customize Your Promotion


  • We are always willing to consider other promotional ideas.
  • Yearly and seasonal promotional plans
  •  Leasing LitPick web pages
  •  Special web site or newsletter placement of video / book trailer
  •  Book contests
  •  Movie and television promotions
  • Joint mailings

LitPick is also interested in participating in co-op promotions with one or more authors or publishers looking to promote their title(s) and willing to share costs.
            Contact Us Today about promoting your book on LitPick

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