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Book clubs for kids, library, and homeschool online reading groups, as well as individual students can all sign up as student book reviewers at LitPick.

First, please watch this brief video about our reading and writing book review program.

The Read Writing Reviewing process with our free online books in movie

Your students can sign up as individual student book reviewers and we will be responsible for evaluating and approving their book reviews. Read More

Sign up an individual student to review books for LitPick
LitPick Student Sign Up Form

Book reviews can be performed by individual students in LitPick

or sign up many students as a book club or reading group.

LitPick Group Sign Up Form

For groups who want to review both eBooks and print books,
contact us about special group pricing .
Reading and reviewing eBooks only is FREE on LitPick

Book clubs and reading groups can use the LitPick book review program

If you enroll a group of students:

  • You will use our LitPick Educator Interface to easily manage your student book club or reading group, watch each students' progress, evaluate and provide valuable feedback to them about their book reviews, approve their reviews, and encourage them to KEEP READING as a way to grow.  Read More

    Book Clubs use our teacher and librarian LitPick Educator Dashboard


  • Our LitPick Educator's Teaching Guide also provides suggestions on how you can incorporate our reading and reviewing program into your class, library, or homeschool curriculum.

Sign your student book club or reading group up today to review books for LitPick
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You can find instructions on
How to complete the LitPick Group Sign Up Form here
or contact us if you still have questions or need help...

LitPick is a fun way for you to encourage your students to read and write through our interactive reading strategy. 


Join the fun today.

Happy LitPick-ing!


Frequently Asked Question

Does LitPick require parental or legal guardian consent for each student?

   We do not require a signed Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form from each students for them to become LitPick book reviewers.  Instead of a consent form, each LitPick student book reviewer is required to have an adult sponsor who is responsible for overseeing the student's participation in LitPick.  However, we encourage all sponsors to request parental/legal guardian permission before enrolling students in LitPick.  Although we promise to keep all information of LitPick student book reviewers and members strictly confidential, we still want parents and legal guardians aware of their child's online presence.
   Here is a consent form that we have created for sponsors to use as needed.  

Printable LitPick Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form 

Read what our student reviewers and members have to say about our interactive reading and writing program.


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