Becoming A LitPick Book Reviewer
Tynea Lewis LitPick Student Book Reviews Site Administrator

Welcome to LitPick! 

I am Tynea, the LitPick Site Administrator, and I am always available to answer any of your questions about our site and about reading and reviewing books for us.

Please look at this short video about reviewing books for LitPick.

Basically...once you signup as a reviewer...

1. Login and request a book to review from a long list of new and advance reader copies of books that we have available for review now.

2. Once you read the book and write your review (we have a graphic organizer and writing guidelines to help you)

4. You then submit your review online to us

5. After your review is accepted for publishing on LitPick, you can login again and choose another book to review.

It is that simple!

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    review in exchange 
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