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Writing Is Exhausting by N.D. Richman


I’m a man of action.

No, I don’t change in a phone booth but:

•       I walk the dogs.

•       I landscape and build garden walls.

•       I tear down bathrooms and rebuild them.

So, you can imagine the looks of suspicion when I sit and write for hours. My wife glances at me often. I interpret these glances as annoyance for my laziness, but really, I’m sure she’s concerned I’m going to blow.

The biggest surprise of all? When I’ve finished writing, I’m tired.


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Novel Expectations by Claire Merchant

The hardest thing about being a writer is knowing that my parents didn't want me to be one.
When I graduated High School, I went into University with the intention of becoming a journalist. I'd always enjoyed writing and English, and I thought that the only way to write and get paid for it was to be a journalist. So I signed up for a Communications course and started on my path towards that career. I did take one Literature elective in my first semester though, Children's Literature. It only took that one class to change my major to a double of Literature and Communications.

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Ten Commonly Held “Truths” About Writing Poetry Whose Opposite Is Closer to True, article by Michael J. Rosen
Curiously, many young or new writers of poetry hold fast to certain “inviolable” truths about their poetry. And these beliefs govern their writing process. But even more curious—from my 45 years of writing and teaching—is that the very opposite of what they cling to…is often exactly what their poetry practice actually needs. Let’s pretend that you’re in my writing workshop and that you’d just offered one of these statements in your defense.

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