Half Marathons, article by Scott Spotson
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Half Marathons, article by Scott Spotson

The author of the My Wizard Buddy series, Bridge Through Time, and Seeking Dr. Magic, Scott Spotson, is also an editor. As an editor he job can involve proofreading, copyediting, and adding inspirational ideas or facts if needed to make the reading experience a delightful one.

Scott recently had the pleasure of editing The Best Half Marathons in the World by Steve Kesh, and is here today to tell LitPick about the book.

Author Steve Kesh, inspired by his love of running, has written a book on the fifty best half marathons in the world. This easy-to-read, photo-laden book features each of these fifty half marathons on one page, with a brief summary of the highlights and including a stunning photo of the gorgeous scenery from any point of the half marathon. The book is so picturesque, it could be re-sized by a publisher into a coffee table book!

These fifty carefully selected half marathons have been reviewed and categorised into four regions for your convenience: Europe; The Americas; Asia Pacific; and finally the Middle East, Africa and Antarctica. The races range from easy to hard and cover all terrains, from sand to snow! 

This is not a book on how to train for a half marathon. The author's primary goal is to inspire the reader to run - and hopefully complete! - some of the best half marathons the world has to offer. 

For example, there’s a half marathon among the beautiful fjords in Norway at the Knarvikmila Half Marathon, where friendly local residents love to cheer on international runners shouting ‘hiya Hoya,’ meaning ‘come on, come on!' For more of a challenge, and to see the Aurora Borealis pass over a city, there's Tromso in Norway, which features the Polar Night Half Marathon! If you like Formula One racing, then the Mezza di Monza in Italy is the perfect race, the half marathon is set on the world-famous Italian Grand Prix circuit. If you prefer a more relaxing race, then Malta’s downhill race is perfect! Want to hob-knob in some of the most glamorous resorts in Europe? Head to Nice, and compete in the Semi-Marathon International de Nice! For more exotic races, why not try running on the Great Wall of China, down (not up!) Mount Everest and through the temple wonders of Bagan and Ankor Wat… For the absolute extreme, try running the half marathon in Antarctica, or the one across a frozen Siberian lake in Russia!

Whatever your fancy, be it the dazzling lights of Las Vegas or the warm waters of the Caribbean, there is something for everyone in this book. 

The author has competed in many half marathons, and he hopes to finish all the races in the book someday. He proudly says, "I challenge the reader to finish them before me!”

Scott, thank you for sharing this book with LitPick! Steve, congratulations on a unique, interesting and inspirational book!

To get this book that’s a boon for long distance running enthusiasts, go order the print version on www.amazon.com/gp/product/1519173830 and have it delivered to your home. At the moment, this book is not available in electronic format, as it’s meant to be a handy guide that you can keep by your beside table while planning your next half marathon! If ordering outside the United States, go to the Amazon website and choose the webpage that serves your local region, then search using the terms “the best half marathons in the world by steve kesh." 

Please seek medical advice before attempting any of these races.

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