Does the CIA Follow Authors?
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How long before a corpse smells? 
How do you clean and load a pistol? How do you launder money? Can a jet sneak into the US undetected? How do you crack a computer? Can you infiltrate the United Nations? How does the President keep a secret?

These are the things I've researched through Google for the second book of the Boulton Quest Series -- Sinners, Survivors and Saints.

One more question remaining - how long before I receive a visit from from the CIA?

Sinners, Survivors and Saints is the second installment in the Boulton Quest Series. Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys is the first and was published in April of 2013.

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I am not sure if the CIA follows authors... maybe you should add that to you list of items to Google. Hope it helps
5 years 7 months ago

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