Willing Sacrifice (The Sugar & Spice Series)
Willing Sacrifice
Willing Sacrifice (The Sugar & Spice Series)
Raised in isolation, La’tiera has been coddled and secluded, her mission too important to risk anything happening to her. The Herald—a harbinger comet--has appeared in the sky, telling all the Time of Trial is near. She is ready to do as her duty requires, though the very world she will die to preserve is one she will never see. Dal has led a free life, serving the Order established centuries ago to find and instruct the Bearer in how to perform the Trial established by the covenant made between the Four Gods and the Demons who seek to take over his world. Yet as the latest Trial approaches, there has been no news of the Bearer. The Order is worried.
 A lively child draws these two together. La’tiera is elated at seeing a person or two from the outside, even as she worries her selfish desire for companionship might put all in jeopardy. Suspicion then arises on both sides, as what she has been taught and what Dal knows to be true are widely different. La’tiera knows the truth—she is the sacrifice that will save the world, no matter who says it should be otherwise. Her task has always been clear. She will not be swayed from her course. But Dal knows her death will open their world to the savage Demons—the exact opposite of what she has been told. He must find a way to get her to accept this before it is too late. But can he? Her very dedication and stubbornness might just doom their world to destruction. Let the battle of wills begin.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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