Weird Weirder Weirdest
Weird Weirder Weirdest: A collection of quirky tales
Weird Weirder Weirdest
This quirky collection of short stories will take you to weird worlds just beyond the here and now. Strange places where kids can control time, playing is against the law and rag-doll girls can become real. In these places magic can be found everywhere, even in cakes, pens and running shoes. Come this way, just beyond the here and now.Come travelling through these tales and……discover who is pushing notes through the peculiar crack that appeared in the desk……see how things change when Ryan realises his watch can stop time……follow the whispering cat into the cake shop for some treats that will do the trick…... meet Dylan, who has a magic pen that spells trouble for anyone who writes with it……find out what happens when children choose to disobey the law to become friends ……see if Beth’s enchanted running shoes will help her become a winner or a loser……join the patch-work girl’s search for the magic that will make her real…It’s not too far,just beyond the here and now.

Book Details


  • Humor
  • Short Story

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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