Site Q: The Lost City
Site Q: The Lost City (The Mayan Adventures Book 2)
Site Q: The Lost City
Only weeks had passed since well-known archeologist, Richard ‘Woody’ Woodson, returned to his home in Chicago from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Exhausted and recovering from wounds suffered while searching for The Fifth Codex, an ancient Mayan book of dark magic, Woody had decided to take the summer off before returning to the Yucatan.Jon Panzer, a well-known collector of Mayan artifacts, had found evidence of a “Lost City” deep in the jungles of Guatemala. Stolen artifacts were turning up that came from no known Mayan archeological siteDiscovering a lost Mayan city had always been Woodson’s dream. Accompanied by Woodson’s girlfriend Blue, Panzer, and his secretary Carla Jamison, Woodson and Pedro head for Guatemala to meet up with their good friend and mentor, Professor Lyons and Keh, an elderly Mayan shaman hoping to discover the ‘Lost City.’ The dangers of the wild Guatemalan jungles and rainforests were not the only obstacles in their way. The expedition had to battle a dangerous gang of smugglers. These villains would stop at nothing to keep Woodson, Pedro and friends from finding the ‘Lost City.’Filled with plenty of action, adventure, and ancient Maya mysticism, Site Q: The Lost City, the sequel to, The Fifth Codex is a fun read for the young adult audience and the young at heart.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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