Sheer Bliss
Sheer Bliss
Sheer Bliss
It's tougher than you might think to stay sane and normal when your mother is the most famous actress on the planet - but Bliss Drew is one Celebrity Spawn with a serious attitude. As she approaches her thirteenth birthday she's forced to face a peculiarly Hollywood-blend of family problems: her plastic surgery-obsessed Grandma Ellen is suddenly engaged to a gold-digging, boy-toy, and her super-famous actress mother, Angel, has decided that Bliss' new rebellious streak must be subdued with the help of Moyra, a celebrity "parent/teen consultant." Growing up beneath the watchful gaze of the ever-present paparazzi and seeing your Mom's tonsils sell for big bucks on eBay can leave a girl with some serious trust issues. Can Bliss navigate her way through her Mom's crazy fans, even crazier entourage and over-zealous caregivers to emerge sane and free of Moyra? "The writing is so good it gave me goosebumps." R.L. Stine, children's author

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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