The Rivalry for Alsatia
The Rivalry for Alsatia
The Rivalry for Alsatia
Reggit Dogger, Justice Shepherd
Magic is a limited resource in Alsatia, where the friction between order and chaos is fraying the fabric of reality and forcing everyone to pick sides. Take Catalina Dewin, an aspiring mage who is confronted with a series of complex choices about which of her future selves she will become. When she accidentally pulls her long-lost brother through a hole in space and time, she gets kicked out of school and apprentices with the eccentric Archmage Kalron Castellan. At Kalron’s keep, Catalina meets a temperamental fire-wright, a failed paladin, a bookish illusionist and an undead knight. Together, this unlikely band of heroes faces off with influential wizards with opposing ideas about the nature of security, freedom and the purpose of power. As tensions escalate, Catalina and her friends face down brazen attacks from trolls, golem and a rogue mage during a wild adventure that spans barren desert, ancient burial grounds, desolate caves and the lawlessness of Tacabre, a town where everything is for sale. The race is on to find an enchanted key that will protect the world from the forces of chaos – or that just might unravel it all. Complete in itself, The Rivalry for Alsatia is the first of an epic seven-novel series where every decision matters, and nothing is quite what it seems.

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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