The Resonance (Volume 1)
The Resonance (Volume 1)
The Resonance (Volume 1)
Do you really believe you can fall in love in an instant? What if that love is eternal and cannot be broken? Does love always have to involve sacrifice? Marty has a dilemma; the girl he thought was drowning has ‘connected’ to him. It is not the usual attraction thing either. The girl seems to be able to read his thoughts and penetrate his mind. What’s more, her eyelids move from the side. Marty’s housemates are concerned, but they have made their own discovery: Gardenstown, where they are staying, conceals a dark secret known as the resonance. The local myths refer to ‘it’ but what exactly does the resonance do? Why is death involved and is there a link? The Resonance is a teenage fiction about love, death and the heart connection. It takes place in Gardenstown, Scotland and appeals to both teenagers and adults.

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  • Fiction
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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