A Refugee's Journey from Afghanistan
A Refugee's Journey from Afghanistan (Leaving My Homeland)
A Refugee's Journey from Afghanistan
Helen Mason
Sonita was born in a refugee camp in Pakistan after her family fled Afghanistan during the war in the early 2000s. Unwelcome in Pakistan, her family returns to Afghanistan, where Sonita and her family face new challenges. Interspersed with facts about Afghanistan and its people, this narrative tells a story common to many refugees fleeing the country. Readers will learn about the decades of conflict in Afghanistan and how they can help refugees in their communities and around the world who are struggling to find permanent homes.

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  • Educational
  • Historical Nonfiction
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  • 8 - 12
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After reading A Refugee's Journey from Afghanistan by Helen Mason , I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars.Overall, I thought the book was good because we can read 3 different sides of how the government can treat the people unfairly in one novel.Josef and his family got dragged out of there house and the Nazis are forcing them to leave Germany.In Cuba,Isabel and her family are trying to leave Cuba ASAP because the country is going through a rough time and there is nothing they could survive with.In Syria,Mahmoud,his Brother and Mother are trying to flee from Syria because innocent people like them are getting killed by the government or ISIS them self.I would recommend this wonderful book for those type of person that like reading biographies or that would read events that happened in the past.I could read this book again because it teached me that family is the most loyal friend you would ever have.
10 months 1 week ago
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